Travel Awards Available for SfAA Students

The Society sponsors ten travel scholarships for student members to attend the annual meeting in Baltimore next March. Please read carefully the instructions below and on the SfAA web site, and note the deadline for applications. The guidelines and criteria for each of the travel awards is somewhat different. Please go to the SfAA web page for a description of each award (

The travel awards are:

Edward Spicer – two awards, $500 each

Del Jones – two awards, $500 each

Beatrice Medicine – two awards, $500 each

Gil Kushner – new this year, two awards, $500 each

Human Rights Defender – one award, $500

Student Committee Award – one award, $175 plus membership

In order to be eligible for the student travel awards, you must have an abstract (either paper or poster) submitted and accepted for the Program in Baltimore. The Society also sponsors several cash prizes for student posters as well as a competition for a research paper in the applied social science (Peter K. New). Please contact the SfAA Office (405-843-5113) if you have any questions or wish additional information.


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