Study abroad opportunities in China and Asia

Portland State University
offers a variety of study abroad opportunities, including short-term summer programs,
to CHINA, KOREA, and other ASIAN countries.

PSU Study Abroad in ASIA program list —

Though not coordinated by Portland State University, the following summer 2012 study opportunity in CHINA, may be of interest to PSU students and/or Portland community members.

Lushan International Language and Culture Institute

July 2 – 27, 2012

Open to anyone age 16 and up.

Fees and Tuition:   Total $2200 US dollars:   Price includes all courses, dormitory lodging, food (2 meals per day), local excursions and travel up the mountain from local airports.  Airfare is NOT included.

Registration and Website:  Opens January 15, 2012.  Please go to  or email us at , or please call  Steve Harnsberger, US Program Director, at  415-987-2674.
To talk with someone locally, contact Elsa Porter in Portland, at phone: 503-796-6890 or email
Institute for Asian Studies – Portland State University
PO Box 751, Portland, Oregon  97207

Tel: 503-725-8576
Subscribe to the PSU Institute for Asian Studies email list at


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