International Program Assistants (IPA), Assistant Coordinators, and ISP Dorm Housewares Coordinator

Summary of Responsibilities and Duties

As a representative of Portland State University, International Program Assistants (IPAs) and Assistant Coordinators work with diverse groups of international students, faculty, visitors, adult participants and professionals who are participating in short-term custom designed programs coordinated by the International Special Programs within PSU’s Office of International Affairs.  The primary role of IPAs and Assistant Coordinators is to facilitate the transition of program participants to the PSU campus, Portland city, to American family life and to American culture in general.  Specifically, IPAs and Assistant Coordinators introduce program participants to the academic, cultural, social, and physical environment at Portland State University.

This position reports to:
Program Managers: Judy Van Dyck, Jeff Baffaro, Masumi Lint
International Special Programs –
Office of International Affairs
East Hall, Room 101 (main reception)


General Responsibilities and Duties for Program Assistants & Assistant Coordinators

1)       Assist with planning and coordination of program activities, such as field trips, local site visits, cultural/recreational events, picnics, etc.

2)       Occasionally… drive a 12-passenger van or an 8-passenger van.

3)       Disseminate information about a variety of topics (resources, program policies and rules, directions, program schedule events, cultural information, safety/emergency procedures information, etc.) to visiting international students during the program.

4)       Lead campus tours, downtown tours, departmental tours and orientation/information sessions to groups of students during the program.

5)       Initiate and develop open communication in general with students during the program, and participate in the International Student Coffee Hour with your group of students occasionally; participate in a Conversation Hour with students if asked.

6)       Model responsible and courteous behavior.

7)       Collaborate with program administrators and staff, teaching faculty, colleagues in housing, assistant coordinators, and other IPAs in order to facilitate the success of all components of the students’ program.

8)       Required participation in all staff training activities as identified under “Training.”

9)       Assist with program related projects that may include: preparing program materials; assisting classroom teachers as requested; general office work (data entry, creating student rosters, developing an activities newsletter, preparing orientation packets, etc.)

10)    Accompany students to doctor/medical visits, as needed.

11)   Participate in the continual evaluation process of the program and the students’ progress and participation in the program.

12)   Other duties as assigned by the Program Manager and/or Coordinator of the specific program.

13)   Assist the Dorm Housewares Coordinator with dormitory move-in/move-out duties for your assigned program group as needed.

14)   Assist the partner homestay organization leaders with bussing duties during the first few days of your assigned program group as needed.

Additional Responsibilities for Assistant Coordinator Position(s):

  1. Responsible for initiating and assuming a leadership role.
  2. Manager of IPA team assigned to this program.
  3. Responsible for oversight/management of program participants.
  4. Responsible for day-to-day operations/management, particularly details and logistics, of your assigned program.
  5. Responsible for communicating with IPA team, program instructors, guest speakers, ISP Program managers, chaperone/group leader, housing staff, and necessary PSU offices.
  6. Develop rapport and coordinate with accompanying group leader/chaperone(s).
  7. Responsible handling of program money/petty cash.

ISP Dorm Housewares Coordinator Responsibilities & Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Ondine/Broadway Hall/Summer Conference housing policies, procedures, personnel and resources.
  • Responsible for ISP storage room key and housewares inventory, including buying new housewares.
  • Ability to be a liaison with PSU Summer Conference Housing staff.
  • Responsible for coordinating set-up, removal, and temporary storage of small appliances and housewares in participants’ rooms, with the assistance of each program’s IPA’s.
  • Must be able to lift 30 pounds; and be willing to engage in physical work of moving small appliances and housewares.
  • Responsible for informing program assistants for each program group regarding cleaning and check-out procedures, and schedule for removal of housewares.


Student Characteristics

International Program Assistants, Assistant Coordinators, and Dorm Housewares Coordinators who work in the PSU International Special Programs Office shall possess or have the capacity to develop the following characteristics:

¤  Time-management skills
¤  Sense of responsibility
¤  Ability to be a positive role model
¤  Sense of humor
¤  Ability to work as a productive team member
¤  Flexibility
¤  Dedication to goals of the ISP office
¤  Initiative
¤  Appreciation for different cultures
¤  Creativity
¤  Pride in Portland State University/ Portland
¤  Presentation skills
¤  Interpersonal skills
¤  Conflict resolution skills
¤  Effective communication skills
¤  Positive attitude
¤  Commitment to international understanding
¤  Self-confidence
¤  Ability to accept direction and positive criticism from supervisors


To apply for the job and be considered a candidate for an International Program Assistant position, Assistant Coordinator position, or ISP Dorm Housewares Coordinator, applicants at the time of application AND throughout the duration of your involvement with the program should have the following qualifications:

1)       Preferably have completed at least your freshman year by the end of spring 2012;

2)       Having knowledge of a second language (preferably Mandarin Chinese, Korean, or Japanese) is helpful but not necessary.

3)       Preferably have study or travel abroad experience or plan to participate in a PSU study abroad program.

4)       Have a sincere interest in working with international students and international guests of PSU

5)       Be familiar with the PSU campus, university resources, and points of interest/resources in downtown Portland and surrounding areas.

6)       Preferably hold a valid driver’s license, have 3+ years of driving experience, have a clean & safe driving record, and be able to drive (or willing to learn to drive) a 12-passenger van or 8-passenger van.

7)       Submit a complete application, with resume attached.

8)       Complete the IPA & Assistant Coordinator unpaid 2-day training program satisfactorily during the week of June 19-22, 2012 (exact days TBA).

9)       Participate in all assigned program activities and associated trainings as outlined below and in the specific program calendars.

Desirable Experience and Qualifications

For Assistant Coordinator Positions:

  • Prior experience in a leadership, supervisory, or teaching role
  • 1-2 years experience in an office setting or university campus setting
  • Experience with customer service in a cross-cultural/multi-lingual setting
  • Experience working as a team member
  • Prior experience with logistics coordination/planning
  • Available 11am–6pm, M – F, occasional evenings and weekends.

For Intl Program Assistant Positions:

  • Previous work in an office/campus setting
  • Experience with customer service
  • Experience working as a team member
  • Available noon – 5pm, M-F, all day sometimes and occasional evenings/weekends.

For Dorm Housewares Coordinator Position:

  • Experience working as a team member
  • Availability as needed some weekends and evenings
  • Must be a driver with a current license and lift 30 pounds


All staff must satisfactorily complete a mandatory unpaid 2-day training program before being assigned to a specific program.  Additionally, all International Program Assistants must participate in a final planning meeting (paid) before the specific program begins, attend scheduled staff meetings (paid); and attend a program evaluation/closing session (paid).

Training Schedule: – 9:00-5:00, 2 days, during the week of June 19-22, 2012

Exact days and schedule TBA

Program Assistant WORK HOURS vary according to each program, as well as vary from day to day.  Typically IPA work hours are from 12:30 noon to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.  Somedays work hours may be shorter or longer.  Several programs also require evening and weekend work. At the beginning of many programs, IPA’s will be required to help with early morning bussing duties for 3-4 days.  Program beginnings and endings are usually more work intensive.

Assistant Coordinator WORK HOURS usually entail a 6-hour workday; and may involve work (email correspondence) from home as needed.  Some programs require evening and weekend work.    NOTE:  some programs will NOT have assigned Assistant Coordinators.

In addition to working specifically scheduled hours as outlined by each program, International Program Assistants and Program Coordinators are required to participate in:

  1. a mandatory unpaid 2-day training session in mid-June, dates TBA
  2. occasional International Student Coffee Hour every Wednesday from 3:30-5:00, during the course of your assigned program(s),
  3. pre-program planning meeting(s),
  4. attend regular staff meetings, and
  5. some kind of evaluative report/meeting/debriefing about your experience at the end of your contracted program.

Compensation/Hourly Pay

Payment is available to US residents or international students with proper US work authorization.  Payment will be based on the following compensation scale:

–                      $9.00 per hour for new IPAs

–                      $9.25 per hour for 2nd year IPAs

–                      $9.50 per hour for 3rd year IPAs

–                      $10.00 per hour for Assistant Coordinator IPAs

–                      $9.00 per hour for Housing Coordinator

IPAs, Assistant Coordinators, and Housing Coordinator are hired as Student Employees or as staff on a Wage Letter.  In either case, hours worked are documented electronically via submitting a monthly timesheet, which is approved by a supervisor.

 Additional Benefits:

  • Lunch will be provided during the 2-day of the staff training.
  • Occasional staff meals will be provided when the program group engages in a group meal.
  • Staff will receive free admission to events/activities when the program group receives the same.


Application Submission Procedures

Completed applications are due in the Office of International Affairs (East Hall 106), by 5:00 p.m., May 7, 2012.  Please submit by e-mail to (email subject line: IPA App 2012) or hard copy to East Hall 106 (Jeff’s office).  If you have questions, please contact Jeff Baffaro at tel: 503-725-4181,

IPA application_sum12

Applications also available from East Hall 106.

Complete application consists of:

1.  Application form

2.  Resume

3.  Contact information for 2 references


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