Americorps Positions

ORCC is currently recruiting for two full-time AmeriCorps programs and a total of 22 positions through our AmeriCorps*VISTA program and the AmeriCorps Retention Project!

These programs contribute to the mission of ORCC and the Corporation for National and Community Service by placing members to serve with colleges, universities, and community-based organizations. Members meet the identified needs of campuses and communities by working to alleviate poverty and establish college-based mentoring programs. While in service, members engage in networking activities, professional development opportunities, and collaborate with a team of AmeriCorps members to support their success in service and beyond.

(Recruiting for 12 positions: 11 on Oregon campuses and one VISTA Leader at ORCC)
The VISTA program leverages higher education to co-create solutions to poverty. Members work with the campus and community and increase capacity to address critical needs. The ORCC VISTA program utilizes service-learning to bridge the classroom and community and engage college students as global citizens.

VISTA member tasks include:

•       Developing service-learning programs
•       Building relationships and partnerships between their institution and the surrounding community
•       Implementing campus-wide service days
•       Coordinating programs that engage students in community service
•       Increasing the level of civic engagement on campuses

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to or apply through the AmeriCorps website at
Please visit: for more information regarding the ORCC VISTA program, host sites, and position descriptions.

The Retention Project for Oregon Campuses
(Recruiting for 10 positions on Oregon campuses)

The Retention Project is a college-based mentoring program that utilizes service-learning to improve retention and academic advancement rates of first-generation college students and first-generation college-bound students. AmeriCorps members and college student volunteers engage in service-learning (mentoring and service projects) with first-generation, college-bound students. As a result, both college and college-bound students strengthen their commitment to their own education, stay in school, and advance in their academic careers.

Retention Project member tasks include:

•       Working with college faculty and staff to recruit and train college students to serve as mentors to first-generation and non-traditional college students and/or college-bound students in elementary, junior high, and high school
•       Coordinating service-learning projects
•       Developing long-term sustainable partnerships between colleges and schools/non-profit organizations
•       Directly mentoring youth from elementary through college freshmen to eliminate the barriers to academic advancement
•       Possible tasks include helping students prepare for standardized test taking, integrating service-learning into senior culminating projects, developing a culture of service and civic responsibility, educating students about postsecondary education opportunities and entrance requirements, modeling success, and participating in and facilitating service-learning reflection activities

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to or apply through the AmeriCorps website at
Please visit: for more information regarding the Retention Project, host sites, and position descriptions.

AmeriCorps Terms and Eligibility
Members must:
– Be at least 18 years of age at the time of placement
– Be a U.S. Citizen, National, or Legal Resident
– Be able to pass a criminal background check
– Have an Associates or Bachelor’s degree
– Be able to make a full-time commitment to national service (at least 1700 hours over 11-months for the Retention Project OR 365 days for VISTA)

AmeriCorps Benefits
Benefits vary slightly for the VISTA program and The Retention Project:
– A living allowance for the service year, dispersed every two weeks
– A taxed education award of $5,550 upon successful completion of service
– Health care
– Loan forbearance and interest accrual payment on qualified student loans
– Child care (if eligible)
– Training and professional development
– Extensive network of AmeriCorps Alums
– Placement site may offer additional benefits to members

Oregon Campus Compact
Oregon Campus Compact is a state affiliate chapter of Campus Compact, a national coalition of over 1,100 college and university presidents dedicated to promoting service-learning, civic engagement, and community service in higher education.


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