Capstone: Sustainable Rural Development in NW Argentina

Argentina Capstone: Sustainable Rural Development in NW Argentina
San Pedro de Colalao, Tucuman Province

Program Dates: February 17 — March 9, 2013
Where the pampas meet the Andes and tradition blends with modernity, nested on a valley 3,000 feet above sea level, sits San Pedro de Colalao, a small town in Northwestern Argentina. Join us this Winter term in a capstone where we will work with community organizations in sustainable rural development.

We start with over 3 days in Buenos Aires, followed by two weeks in San Pedro de Colalao, where we will meet with town authorities and business people, explore natural and cultural attractions and visit with rural inhabitants, academics and NGOs. Our final report will evaluate the progress made during our stay, and suggest steps that the community and future capstones may undertake.

Open to junior and seniors from all majors. Financial aid can be applied.
UNST 421 (International Capstone ) = 6 credits
INTL 407 (Optional Course) = 4 credits
INTL 399 (Optional Course) = 2 or 4 credits

Application & Information available on-line at:
Application Deadline: 10/29/12

Term: Winter 2013

Estimated Cost:
$4,200—$4,400 + Tuition

Courses Offered:
UNST 421: International
Capstone (Required)
INTL 407: Global Food
Systems (Optional)
INTL 399: Argentina in
Perspective (Optional)

Credit Offered:
Capstone only — 6 credits
Optional Courses — 2-8 credits

Open to: All undergraduate students

Tuition: Standard PSU tuition rates apply
Program Fee: $1,500—$1,700 (depends on enrollment)
Additional estimated student expenses: $2,700 including all airfare, visa fees, and personal expenses

For Course Content Related Information, please contact Prof. Leopoldo Rodriguez, , 503-725-8245
For Cost, Travel, Scholarship, & Application Information, please contact Jennifer Hamlow, Faculty-Led Programs Coordinator and EA Advisor, , 503-725-5309


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