John E. Lobdell Undergraduate Award: $1500

The Alaska Anthropological Association invites applications for the annual John E. Lobdell Undergraduate Award, for $1500.

The scholarship is designed to assist eligible students in their pursuit of an academic degree. Ordinarily a scholarship will be used for tuition and fees to help underwrite a program consisting of at least eight academic credits. If fewer credits are taken, it is required that the student be engaged in full-time work toward a degree. Scholarships are not intended to underwrite part-time studies or to cover expenses of doing fieldwork not directly connected with academic courses. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and be members of the Alaska Anthropological Association (i.e., current year dues must be paid at or before time of application). The scholarship may be used at any appropriate institution.

The primary evaluation criterion will be evidence of promise in and commitment to the field of anthropology. All three awards are not necessarily made each year, depending on the number and quality of submissions.

Applications must be received by February 1 for awards to be announced at the annual meeting in March. Scholarship funds must be expended within one year of being granted and may not be used retroactively.


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