Oregon Archaeological Society Lecture Series 2013

Jan. 8, 2013: Cassandra Manetas (M.A., PSU):  “The Role of Salmon in Middle Snake River Human Economy: The Hetrick Site in Regional Contexts”

Feb. 12, 2013: Dr. Doug Wilson (PSU and Fort Vancouver):  Kanaka Village at Fort Vancouver: update on field work

March 5, 2013: Dr. Lawrence Straus (Univ. of New Mexico):   “40,000 years of life and death in a Spanish
cave: excavations in El Miron, Cantabria”

April 2, 2013:  Dr. Dennis Jenkins (Univ. of Oregon):  Update on Analysis from Paisley Caves

May 7, 2013: Dr. Jon Erlandson (Univ. of Oregon): Evidence of First American Coastal Migration: Findings from the Channel Islands

Where/When: The presentations are held at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and are free and open to the public. A general business meeting begins at 7 PM, followed by the lecture.

See www.oregonarchaeological.org or call 503-727-3507 for more information.


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