Library Workshops for undergrad and graduate students

Here are the Winter term workshop offerings tailored to graduate students. The Zotero and Mendeley workshops are open to all students undertaking research.
Library Skills Refresher Brownbag
An overview of services, resources and research assistance the Library provides to support your scholarship
1/16/13: 12-1 p.m., OGS
Presenter: Kristen Kern, Fine and Performing Arts Librarian
Organizing Your Information
Organizational skills are critical to success in research. This session will present tips for staying organized, not getting overwhelmed with information, and approaching research methodically. This runs from note taking to citation management with programs like Zotero and Mendeley.
1/17/13: 3-4:30 p.m. Room 160, Library – No registration required
Presenter: Michael Bowman, AUL for Public Services, Engineering and Computer Science Librarian
Enrich Your Research with Data: Data Sets for the Social Sciences
2/14/13: 12-1 p.m. Online. To register:
Presenter: Emily Ford
The Literature Review for Theses and Dissertations 
A complete literature review conducted in an efficient and organized manner can set the stage for success in a large research project like a thesis or dissertation. This session will show students how to conduct a literature review. This session will NOT cover citation management programs such as EndNote, Zotero, etc.
3/22/13: 11-12:30 p.m. Room 160, Library
Presenter: Kim Pendell, Social Sciences Librarian
Managing Resources with Zotero and Mendeley
Presenter: Meredith Farkas
Zotero and Mendeley are web-based and desktop citation management tools that make it easy to collect, organize and cite research materials. Both are terrific tools for anyone working on a research project, as they can help you manage your research materials from multiple sources and insert them into your publications with ease. Bring a laptop to these sessions if you want to use the tools in-class and visit for info on installing and using Zotero and Mendeley.
Zotero and Mendeley Basics
This will provide a basic overview of each system.
1/16/13,: 12-1 p.m. Online  To register:
1/18/13,: 1-2 p.m. Room 160, Library – No registration required.

Zotero for Beginners

2/15/13, 2-3pm. Room 170, Library – No registration required.
Mendeley for Beginners
2/15/13, 1-2pm. Room 170, Library – No registration required.
Advanced Zotero User Group
3/1/12, 1-2pm. Room 170, Library – No registration required.
Advanced Mendeley User Group
3/1/12, 2-3pm. Room 170, Library – No registration required.

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