“The Decline and Fall (and Rise) of the Fort Vancouver Village”

“The Decline and Fall (and Rise) of the Fort Vancouver Village” is the February 12, 2013 lecture sponsored by the Oregon Archaeological Society and given by Dr. Douglas Wilson.  Recent archaeological fieldwork at Fort Vancouver’s Village (aka Kanaka Village) will be highlighted.

The Village was a multicultural community on the margins of Fort Vancouver where most of the population of the fort lived. Since the inhabitants of the Village did not leave a written record, historical archaeology is used to contrast the few historical documents of outsiders with the artifacts, features, and architectural remains of its inhabitants.

Wilson is the Pacific West Region’s historical archaeologist for the National Park Service and archaeologist at Fort Vancouver.  In addition, Wilson directs the Northwest Cultural Resources Institute, which integrates university students with professional archaeologists and volunteers to provide new scientific and historical research while interpreting National Park Service sites. He also teaches the joint National Park Service/Portland State University/Washington State University Vancouver archaeological school at Fort Vancouver and is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology at Portland State University. His publications are numerous.

The presentation is at Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is free and open to the public. A general business meeting begins at 7 PM, followed by the lecture.

See www.oregonarchaeological.org or call 503-727-3507 for more information.



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