Archeological Technician positions


Archeological Technician, 0102, Grade(s) 4/5/7

Willamette National Forest

Middle Fork Ranger District

Westfir, Oregon

The Middle Fork Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest is advertising two seasonal, full-time Archeological Technician (series 0102) positions at the GS-4, GS-5 and GS-7 levels for the summer 2013 field season.  Salary level is dependent on experience and education.  The GS-4/GS-5 level position pays $13.41/hr and $15.00/hr, respectively, and the GS-7 $18.59/hr.  The duty station is the Middle Fork Ranger District in Westfir, Oregon.  The purpose of this notice is to inform the potential applicant pool of these positions.


Applicants for these positions should now apply to the specified OPEN CONTINUOUS RECRUITMENTS through USAJOBS (  Positions are listed under announcement number TEMPOCR-0102-04-ARCH TECH-DT for the GS-4 level, TEMPOCR-0102-05-ARCH TECH-DT for the GS-5 level, and TEMPOCR-0102-7-ARCH TECH-DT for the GS-7 level; the GS-4 and GS-5 positions close 12/02/2013, the GS-7 closes 11/18/2013.  Applicants must select Westfir, Oregon as their desired/preferred location.  All applications must be submitted by midnight, March 3rd, 2013 to be considered for these positions.  The Referral Lists for these positions will be issued to the selecting official by March 8th, 2013.  The specific start work date may be negotiated, but work is expected to commence no later than the end of May, 2013.  For information about these vacancies please contact Terry Godin, District Archaeologist, at or (541) 782-5318.


Archaeological Technician (Survey Crew Member), GS-0102-4/5: Both available positions may be filled at the GS-4 or GS-5 levels, depending on experience.  The position(s) will be part of a survey crew led by district archaeologists and/or the potential GS-7 position listed below.  Duties are as described below.

Archaeological Technician (Survey Crew Leader), GS-0102-7: One of the two available positions may be filled at the GS-7 level, depending on experience.  Duties are as described below, except that the incumbent would be expected to work independently and serve as primary crew leader on surveys when district archaeologists are not available.  The crew will consist of one GS-4/5 Archaeological Technician position and possibly one or two Cultural Resource Technicians (CRTs) on an intermittent basis.  The applicant should have the appropriate experience and interpersonal skills necessary to lead a crew of 1-3 seasonal employees and CRTs.  Good writing skills and proficiency in ArcGIS are also important.  This position would be an excellent opportunity for a self-motivated, independent person who is looking to acquire valuable cultural resource management experience on a fast paced, diverse district.


Work involves a combination of field and office duties although the strongest focus will be on fieldwork.  Primary duties include assisting district archaeologists in conducting archaeological surveys in forested environments (off-trail surveys, which can be very brushy and steep at times) to locate and record archaeological sites.  Surveys may be conducted in support of a variety of Forest projects that could include special uses, recreation and watershed projects.  However, the Middle Fork Ranger District has a robust timber program, and the primary emphasis of both positions for the summer 2013 field season will be the survey of two large timber sale planning areas.  Duties will also include report writing, ArcGIS work, performing data entry of site data, and other miscellaneous tasks as assigned.  Training in first aid, map and compass, Leave No Trace and radio communication will be provided.  All equipment is provided with the exception of boots (good 8” top vibram sole type boots are required) and rain gear.

Poison oak is common on low elevation southern aspects around the District, and we do have our share of mosquitoes and yellow jackets during the summer months.  You should be in good physical condition, able to hike several miles a day in potentially adverse weather conditions over rough terrain.


The positions will be stationed in Westfir, Oregon.   Applicants must apply to this location if they wish to be considered.  Government housing may be offered, but availability is not guaranteed.  Cost is $4.65 a day.

The sister cities of Oakridge (pop. 3,240) and Westfir (pop. 280) are within a 10 minute drive of the Middle Fork Ranger District office. Both towns are nestled among tree-covered hills and located along two forks of the Willamette River. The communities support an elementary, middle and high school.  Services include medical clinics, dentist, one grocery store, a gas station, several restaurants, a hardware store, post office, library, a public golf course, several churches, police and fire. The nearest metropolitan area is Eugene, Oregon, which is 45 miles west of Oakridge/Westfir.

Real estate prices in Oakridge vary, but in general are between $65,000 and above $150,000. Rentals run around $400 to $700 per month.  For more information, call the Oakridge/Westfir Chamber of Commerce at 541-782-4146 or visit their website at:


The Willamette National Forest is a large, complex forest, encompassing over 1.6 million acres in Oregon, which stretches for 110 miles along the western slopes of the Cascades. There are four Districts, an experimental forest, and a diverse and challenging program of work. It is known for its numerous volcanic peaks, the forested Cascade Range, and its outstanding rivers.

The Middle Fork covers around 750,000 acres making it the largest district on the Willamette NF. Currently there are about 120 employees. Almost all disciplines are represented, ranging from Natural Resource, Recreation, Forest Products, Engineering and Fire Management. Employees are currently located at the Middle Fork Office in Westfir. The district encompasses the North, and main forks of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. One of the most pristine lakes in the world, Waldo Lake, is found here. There are three wilderness areas; Three Sisters, Diamond Peak and Waldo.

The large size of the district ensures that there are always numerous, diverse projects underway or being planned. The district currently plans and offers approximately 35-40 MMBF of timber per year, manages 3,000 miles of road and 623 miles of trail, and has 900,000 public visits per year.


For general or technical information about the Middle Fork Ranger District and/or these positions, interested applicants should contact Terry Godin, District Archaeologist at or by phone at (541) 782-5318.  Inquiries should be made no later than March 1st, 2013.


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