“Passing the Pain Along: A New Look at the Causes of Violence”

Dr. David P. Barash, Professor of Psychology and Peace Studies at the University of Washington, will be at Pacific University on April 25th from 7-9pm to discuss the role of evolutionary factors on anger, interpersonal aggression, and violence.
Dr. Barash has written over 25 books in the areas of Evolutionary Psychology/Sociobiology and Peace Studies, including Strange Bedfellows, The Gender Gap, and The Myth of Monogamy, and also Understanding Violence, Approaches to Peace, and Beloved Enemies. His talk will feature content from one of his recent books, Payback: Why We Retaliate, Redirect Aggression, and Seek Revenge. A book signing will follow immediately after the event.
You can also read more information about Dr. Barash at his website, http://faculty.washington.edu/dpbarash/
This event is co-sponsored by the Psi Chi Honors Society/Psychology Club & Center for Peace and Spirituality at Pacific University. Please contact Dawn Salgado (salgado@pacificu.edu) or David Boersma (boersema@pacificu.edu) if you have questions or need assistance. Barash 4-25

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