Fall Geography courses of interest to Anthro students

CRN 81797, GEOG 348U, Cultural and Political Ecology, TR 1600-1950, 4 credits
Introduction to geographic perspectives on cultural and political ecology. Investigates cultural adaptation and environmental change from an ecological perspective, focusing on biomes, cultural adaptations within them and the political structures that influence cultural adaptations. Particular attention to traditional societies and the impacts of development. Recommended prerequisite: upper-division standing.

CRN 14590/14592, GEOG 4/510, Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resource Management, MW 1800-1950, 4 credits
This course is designed to encourage us to think in an interdisciplinary way about Indigenous Peoples, natural resource management, and conservation issues. In part this means recognizing that the natural resources we wish to conserve are the resources upon which other people may depend for their economic well-being, and over which they may bear historical use rights. In part it means identifying the many competing interests in resources that exist in any particular area. Finally it means seeking new models for sustainable resource management that incorporate conservation and the multiple demands for resources. As such we explore issues pertaining to biodiversity conservation, human rights, protectionism, global economic inequities, environmental politics, and sustainable development, and we dip into the fields of geography, anthropology, ecology, sociology, economics and political sciences.


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