Announcing new MA degree in Medicine, Science, and Technology Studies

The UC Irvine Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce the launch of a new degree: a Master of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in Medicine, Science, and Technology Studies.

This one-year program uses an interdisciplinary approach to prepare students to respond to the significant and rapidly changing impact of medicine and technology upon societies around the world. Students explore issues such as global inequalities in disease burdens and health outcomes; the ways in which race, class, and gender impact medical and scientific knowledge and practice; the social, economic, and political contexts of emerging technologies; and the impact of science and technology on bodies, communities, and the environment. Admitted students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty within the Anthropology Department and from around the University.

To Apply: Applications for admission to the UC Irvine M.A. in Social Sciences (Medical, Science, and Technology Studies) will be accepted until April 15, 2014, using the UCI Online Application for Graduate Admissions (

For more information about this new degree, please visit the department website ( or contact Angela C. Jenks at


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