Career Opportunities with OSPIRG – Interviews Feb 14th!

As a graduating senior, you are no doubt trying to decide what you will do next year, or even for the next 5 years. Consider applying for U.S.PIRG’s Campus Organizer position.

Every day, powerful people are making decisions that affect our health, our safety and our future. We’re taught these decisions should be based on the public interest: that’s how a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is supposed to work.

Yet in the real world, on issue after issue, we see powerful interests corrupting the democratic process, twisting public policy to serve their own ends, all too often at the public’s expense.
How do you counter those powerful interests? The Student PIRGs are mobilizing America’s college students to take action. Our organizers are headed to 40 college campuses across the country, where they will recruit, train and work alongside thousands of student activists. Together we’ll go beyond studying the issues, we’ll document the problems, find practical solutions, inform the public and make the case directly to decision-makers.  And when powerful special interests stand in the way, we’ll mobilize the student body, the local citizens and as many other people as it takes to make our voices heard in city halls, state capitols, Congress, the White House or wherever it will make a difference.

This year, we’re focused on a wide range of issues, including:
•       Climate Change: Our climate is changing way too fast, but our leaders are moving way too slow. It’s up to our generation to turn this around.
•       Democracy: Money isn’t speech. Corporations aren’t people. We’re building a student movement to overturn the Citizens United decision and to get big money out of our elections.

When PIRG Campus Organizers fight for the public, we stand up to some of America’s most powerful special interests, from Wall Street to Big Oil, from the Auto Industry to Super PACs. We’re the Davids; they’re the Goliaths. When we work hard, work smart and work together, we can overcome the most powerful opposition and win concrete results that improve the lives of thousands, sometimes millions, of people. Join us.

When I was getting ready to graduate from college I knew I wanted to do something to make the world a better place, but I didn’t know what kind of job or career would enable me to make the biggest impact. When I heard about U.S. PIRG and how they tackle our country’s biggest problems by mobilizing millions of people across the country, I was excited. So far in this year alone, I have worked with hundreds of volunteers on campaigns centered around pertinent issues from recycling to labeling GMO’s

So join us.  Apply now to be a U.S.PIRG Campus

We will be holding an information session and interviews on campus. Our info session with be February 13th at 3:30 after the Career Fair and I will be doing interviews on the 14th I encourage you to come find out more!

For more information check out our website, or send me an email at


Alicia Bissonnette
Campus Organizer, OSPIRG


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