Paid Internship


Job Description

JOB TITLE:     Research Assistant                                           FLSA: Non-Exempt


COPE is a community-based outreach project being carried out in Navajo Nation. We have obtained 3 years of funding from PCORI to carry out observational mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) research to evaluate the impact of this programmatic intervention. The aims of the research are to determine whether COPE improves clinical outcomes and cost of health care utilization. We also aim to  identify factors at the patient, community health worker and facility level that are associated with successful outcomes. Working under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and following established  policies and procedures, oversees all of PCORI research activities described in the protocol. The Research Assistant will be responsible for the following activities: organizing and coordinating all PCORI research activities, working with the Data Manager, Program Manager, and diverse stakeholders to ensure transparency, ethical conduct, and timely execution of research activities; coordinating data collection with the Data Manager, RPMS specialist, and Information Technology (IT) staff at local Indian Health Facilities; recruiting, coordinating and analyzing qualitative interviews with patients; collecting and organizing study data; scheduling patients for study visits; maintaining and updating data generated by the study; ensuring timely approval and reporting to all funding and ethical oversight committees; and supporting the Program Manager to ensure communication of studyprogress and findings with local and external stakeholders.


1.                  Provides assistance on PCORI research activities as per study guidelines and protocols.

2.                  Recruits and evaluates potential study patients for qualitative interviews.  Per protocol instruction, receives referrals for potential study participants, obtains verbal consent for participation in interviews and carries out or coordinates these interviews.  Carry out qualitative analysis, with supervision and assistance.

3.                  Interacts with stakeholders and study participants with regard to study, including patient education, study protocols, and findings.

4.                  Responsible for collecting data and maintaining patient information database for study, in close coordination with the Data Manager.  May be required to input data, do minimum analysis and run various reports.  Maintains records as part of record keeping function and ensures confidentiality.

5.                  Responsible for disseminating study information to study participants and/or stakeholders.

6.                  Answers any phone calls and inquiries regarding study protocol.  Refers participants when appropriate to supervisor or clinical staff.

7.                  Coordinates meetings and regular communication with research team, coordinates study visits of AUDIT staff, co-investigators, external advisors and other key personnel.

8.                  Works closely with Program Manager to monitor and budget PCORI Research funds, and ensures accurate reporting and invoicing in coordination with BWH Administrative Staff.

9.                  Obtain and maintain all ethics committee approvals, including generation of IRB applications, amendments, and reports.

10.              Monitors and sets up any needed equipment related to research activities

11.              All other duties, as assigned.


At least one year experience coordinating research activities


·         Excellent interpersonal skills are required for working with study participants and stakeholders.

·         Good oral and written communication skills.

·         Knowledge of clinical research protocols, IRB procedures, manuscript and publication process.

·         Knowledge of Microsoft and data base management an asset.

·         Qualitative research analytic skills a plus or willing to learn qualitative methods with mentorship

·         Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize a variety of tasks.

·         Careful attention to detail.
·         Timeliness.
·         Ability to demonstrate professionalism and respect for subjects rights and individual needs.

·         Knowledge of Navajo culture and/or language is a strong plus.



·         Able to relocate to Gallup NM and reside in Gallup NM for the duration of the study position

·         Own transportation, ability and willingness to drive to meetings across broad distances

·         Able to travel intermittently to Boston or elsewhere to transmit study progress.


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