Summer Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Programs in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda

Global Youth Connect is accepting applications for our Summer 2014 Human Rights Programs in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda.

Each program brings visiting youth (from around the world) together with youth in the host location (Rwanda or Bosnia) to engage together in three key activities:

  • A cross cultural human rights workshop
  • Visits/Meetings with policy makers, organizations, and to relevant sites
  • Volunteer service with grassroots NGOs on a variety of human rights issues including but not limited to: conflict resolution, education, health care, food/shelter, access to justice, human rights of children/youth, women, low-income populations, LGBTQ populations, indigenous populations, genocide survivors.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2014.

 Ages 18 – 30 (for Bosnia Programs) and 18 – 35 (for Rwanda Programs).

 Anyone can apply: from the U.S., Canada and all over the world!

 So please forward widely! Plus, download this flyer to post on bulletin boards!

 There is no application fee, and you can apply to more than one program.

 Note: Program fees quoted below are for visiting participants (not for local Rwandan or Bosnian participants). Some scholarship assistance is available on each program. More information about scholarships is available in the application document for each program.

 To apply:


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