SPARC Webinar: From photos to models. Strategies for using digital photogrammetry in your project

SPARC 2014 Webinar Series

We invite you to join us for the second SPARC webinar of 2014. This series of webinars is designed for students and archaeologists looking to learn more about the use of geospatial methods in archaeological research. This spring’s webinars focus on choosing and combining methods.

Date: 26 February 2014

Time: 11:00 CST


Speakers: Adam Barnes and Katie Simon (CAST, University of Arkansas)
From photos to models.
Strategies for using digital photogrammetry in your project

Photogrammetry has rapidly gained popularity in archaeology as a quick, easy, and low-cost method for creating 3D models of objects, structures, sites, and landscapes. The combined effect of relatively low-cost hardware and software, increased computing power, and greater ease of data collection requirements make the method a very attractive option. So is close-range/structure from motion photogrammetry the right solution for your needs?  This webinar serves to provide the basic knowledge needed to answer this question, including details on data capture and processing, product generation, and dissemination.  The pros and cons of close-range photogrammetry will be discussed for a variety of project types, as well as recommendations for creating the most accurate and useful models for your applications. Analysis including documentation, 3D spatial analysis, change detection, classification, and site and feature prospecting will be covered.


How to Connect:

1. Go to:
2. Enter your name when instructed and click ‘Log In’ to enter the meeting.
3. If this is the first time you are using Blackboard Collaborate you will be asked to download and run a small java program. Please allow a few minutes to connect if this is your first time using Blackboard Collaborate.

The SPARC Team
SPatial Archaeology Research Collaborations
Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies
University of Arkansas


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