The Sociodemographic & Social Location Team of Chicano/Latino Studies’ Latinos in the Pacific Northwest Presents: 


Latinas in the Workplace in the Pacific Northwest

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 

Business Administration, Room 190 (615 SW Harrison St, Portland, OR 97201) 

7:00 – 8:30 pm 


Adelante Mujeres!

Narce Rodriguez


Panelists will discuss experiences, perspectives and contributions of Pacific Northwest Latinas in the areas of education, economy, community and culture in the Portland Metro Area and the state of Oregon; obstacles and successes for Latinas in the workplace; changes in higher education and societal expectations for Latinas in the region; and ways Latinas have challenged notions about their “place” in society to expand the sense of place and space for Latinas and Latinos in the Pacific Northwest. 

Narce Rodriguez is currently the Dean of Student Development at Portland Community College/Rock Creek Campus. Narce was born in Tempe, Arizona and was raised part of her life in Mexico. She comes from a Mexican American family who has worked in the agricultural fields throughout the U.S. Passionate and dedicated to education, she is involved in many community activities that promote cultural awareness and sensitivity to diversity. As well, she has taught Chicano Latino Studies, Women Studies and Counseling Guidance Courses. Narce has received a Bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Education & Race Class and Gender from OSU. She often finds herself as a Latina pioneer being the 1st Latina in leadership roles.

Adelante Mujeres fosters the empowerment of women who are often relegated to the home. The program helps often isolated participants to build friendships, engage in the community, celebrate their cultural heritage, and improve skills and self-esteem. Our holistic approach aims to build stronger families, healthier communities, and foster respect for our planet. Adelante Mujeres‘ mission is the holistic education and empowerment of low-income Latina women and their families. The organization strives to:

  • Increase opportunities for family and community self-determination through holistic education, workforce and entrepreneurial training and family literacy.
  • Build community through leadership development and the search for solutions to common concerns. 
  • Preserve, foster and share participants’ cultural heritage with the wider community and facilitate intercultural exchange.
  • Advocate ecological awareness and action for a sustainable economy and healthy communities.
Transiciones (Transitions) is a career planning and college preparation for Latina single parents and homemakers. The Transiciones and Transitions programs are similar in content, Transiciones is specifically designed for Latina women who are studying English. The program provides a two-term set of services that include life and career planning classes as well as a transition to college class taught in Spanish, case management to help students succeed, and some financial assistance for school related expenses.

Dr. Robert Muñoz, Jr

Assistant Professor
Chicano/Latino Studies

(503) 725-9052(503) 725-9052


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