Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival

QDoc begins on Thursday!

Trailers avaialble for most films at the festival website.

Please forward this to your friends, and post on your FB page.  Help us get word out!

Some hot tips…

Even if you haven’t seen Dog Day Afternoon, your mind will boggle at The Dog – the crazy story of the
real-life gay bank robber portrayed by Al Pacino in the classic Scorcese film.

The Rugby Player is a remarkable story about a gay rugby jock, his mom, and the events of 9/11.

One of the most inspring gay activists on the international scene, Jamaican Maurice Tomlinson will be
attending the screening of  the gripping film The Abominable Crime, which tells his story.

Trekkie?  Or not?  Either way, don’t miss  To Be Takei!  Get your tickets early for our closing night film,
which has been selling out at all the top festivals!

A beautiful and inspiring exploration of gender and traditional Hawaiian Hula culture, Kumu Hina.
Directors Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson (Out In The Silence QDoc 2010) will be here.

And who doesn’t love a great womens’ Roller Derby film?  We loveDerby Crazy Love!
Directors Justine Pimlott and Maya Gallus in attendance

You know what??  All the films are FANTASTIC!  Check out all the trailers.

And remember:
Opening night film and Party THE CASE AGAINST 8  will be at the Whitsell Auditorium (in the Portland Art Museum)  May 15, screened in partnership with the Northwest Film Center .

All other films will be at Mc Menamins Kennedy School May 16 – 18.



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