Field School: Roman Imperial Military Excavation and Survey

Excavation and Survey: Roman Imperial Military – A Soldier’s Life on the Edge of Europe

Location: Rasnov-Cumidava Castrum, Brasov County, Transylvania, Romania

Period: Imperial Roman – Provincial

Dates: July 5 – August 8, 2015

More information:!cumidava/c1tkk

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Description: Situated half way between the amazing medieval city of Brasov and Bram Stocker’s Bran Castle, at the foot of the imposing Bucegi Mountains, the small city of Rasnov with its medieval fortress overlooking the Barsa Valley is one of the best places to experience Transylvania and its incredibly rich archaeology. Castrum Cumidava, situated a couple of kilometers from Rasnov near the Barsa River was instrumental in monitoring (and defending) the Bran Pass as part of the Transylvanian Limes. Home of the VI Cohort Cumidavensis (which was most likely formed in Noricum), the castrum shows a complete evolution from a marching camp, to a semi-permanent wooden fort, to a permanent stone military fortified ensemble. During our 2015 season, on top of our continuing excavation of the castrum itself, we will be conducting several geophysical surveys to better understand its evolution throughout the Roman occupation and attempt to identify the civilian settlement, as well as find out its association to the other points of interest. At the same time, we will investigate the interaction between the foreign soldiers and the local Dacian populations, trying to establish vectors of creolization.



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