Paleoethnobotany Field Class

University of Oregon

Paleoethnobotany Field Class
July 6 – July 24, 2014

This three-week field class is designed to introduce students to methods associated with macrobotanical investigations at archaeological sites. Students will gain hands-on experience with collecting, processing and identifying seeds, charcoal and other plant remains preserved in the site. The PEB field class will be conducted in conjunction with the UO Archaeology Field School at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter, providing a rare opportunity for archaeology and paleoethnobotany students to work collaboratively in the field.

Paleoethnobotany students will enroll for 4 credits in ANTH 406. A course fee of $2200, for both in-state and out-of-state students, covers tuition, field transportation, and food.

Margaret Helzer (
Patrick O’Grady (

Or visit our website: for details

UO 2015 Paleobot Flyer


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