Fellowship Opportunity at Windward Center

The Windward Center is a forty-year-old sustainability research cooperative located about 100 miles east of Portland. Windward’s mission involves researching and demonstrating how to feed, fuel and clothe people on marginal land. Key parts of the Windward approach to creating sustainable community draw on the Haudenosaunee, the Oneida Community and Upton Sinclair’s EPIC Program.

Using a grant from the Whole Systems Foundation, the Center is offering Fellowships to enable grad students (or near-grads) to delve deep into the challenge of creating sustainable village-scale systems. These are full-immersion, three-month Fellowships that cover the basic cost of housing, food, energy, etc. Successful applicants will live on-site and participate in community life while focusing on a project that is of mutual interest.

Much of the Center’s work revolves around permaculture, renewable energy systems and value creation, but Windward is also committed to exploring the social and cultural dimensions of sustainable community. While the Whole Systems Fellowships generally go to science or environmental majors, one slot is reserved for students whose studies focus on the human dimension of the sustainability equation such as students in fields like anthropology or communication.

If you’d be interested in exploring whether that slot might be a good fit for you, you’re invited to start the application process by emailing us at windward@gorge.net .

Walt Patrick, Senior Steward
The Windward Center


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