The Public Archaeology Field School at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Applications for the Fort Vancouver Field School are now open!


Portland State University, Washington State University Vancouver, and the National Park Service are pleased to announce a public archaeology field school in historical archaeology at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. The award-winning program will introduce the methods and theories of fieldwork in historical archaeology and is ideal for students entering the field of cultural resources management (CRM). Students will participate in all aspects of field and laboratory work: pedestrian and subsurface survey, laying out excavation units, excavation by shovel and trowel, mapping, drawing, digital photography, and cleaning, identifying, and analyzing artifacts. The project will use tablet computers to digitally record excavations and document grave monuments. The season also includes lectures by guest speakers and staff.  The National Park Service and its partners are committed to sharing cultural resources and preservation values with the public. As part of their training, students will participate in a special cultural sensitivity workshop and learn how to interpret to the public using a unique public engagement model.  On a rotating basis, students will discuss the field school activities with visitors, including interpreting the significance of the site and the educational purposes of the project.


Course Registration Information
Portland State University Applicants
Anthropology 454: Six advanced Undergraduate credits
Anthropology 554: Six graduate credits

Portland State University
Dr. Douglas Wilson (360) 921-5241
E-mail Dr. Wilson:

For early notification please submit application by April 1, 2016. 

Notification of early applications will be by April 12, 2016.

Applications are due no later than May 1, 2016.



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