Archaeology First Thursdays at PSU, March 2

Please join us for the upcoming Archaeology First Thursday presentation at PSU, March 2, 4 pm, in Smith Center, Room 328/9.

A group of us from PSU (Virginia Butler, Sarah Sterling, Laura Syvertson, and Pat Rennaker)  will present:

“Results from Ciwicen, a 2800 yr old Lower Elwha Klallam coastal village, Washington State” 

The talk will summarize  results from a multi-year project that studied the geo-zooarchaeological records from Čḯxwicənvillage, coastal Washington state.  The project focused on remains from several houses excavated and associated midden with fine geo-stratigraphic control; over one million faunal remains (from shellfish, mammal, bird and fish) allow for detailed reconstruction of animal use. Researchers studied the dynamic interactions between humans and animals– focusing especially on their response to several large-magnitude earthquakes, periods of climate change, and an increasein sheltered habitat.

As usual the presentation is free and open to the public.

Hope you can join us!


We also have three other First Thursday talks set for Spring Quarter, so mark your calendars for these too.

April 13.  (note 2nd Thursday of the Month).  Todd Surovell (Univ. of Wyoming).  Using the Present to Figure out the Past: An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders    (Location TBA). Surrovell is visiting PSU through funding and support from Sigma Xi. He will also be presenting on Wednesday, April 12, What happened to the mammoths? Exploring the cause of North America’s most recent mass extinction

May 4.  Terry Ozbun, Jo Reese, John Fagan, David Harrelson.   Award-Winning Collaboration in Cultural Resource Management for the Lake Oswego – Tigard Water Partnership Project   (Location TBA)

June 1. Martin Adams (Paleoinsect). Of Lice and Men:  An Overview of Recent Archaeoentomological Projects in the Pacific Northwest  (Location TBA)


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