Please come to a panel discussion–Heritage-Archaeo, Wed April 26, 2-3:50, PSU campus

You’re invited to join us next Wed, April 26, 2-3:50 Cramer 328, for a panel discussion that I’ve organized as part of the spring quarter Public Archaeology class.   This will be of interest to any students interested in heritage and archaeology and the value of community process in addressing common problems.   We’d love to have you join us if you can make room in your schedule.    Virginia B.

Finding Common Ground For Archaeology & Heritage:  Developing Collaborations among tribes, avocational archaeologists, and professional archaeologists around “collector” collections

The PSU Dept. of Anthropology /Public Archaeology class is hosting a panel on April 26, 2-3:50, Cramer 328 to discuss ways artifacts collected by amateurs can be documented and curated to reduce potential for their commercial sales and promote their value for heritage and research.



David Harrelson, Briece Edwards, Veronica Montano (Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde)

Dan Stueber, David Minick, Dennis Torresdal (Oregon Archaeological Society [OAS])

Pat O’Grady (Museum of Natural and Cultural History [MNCH];   and OAS)

John Pouley (State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon)

Virginia Butler (Portland State University)

The impetus for this panel is several-fold.   The OAS has developed a process for documenting and curating collections made by former members of OAS and their descendants.  They are beginning conversations with the Grand Ronde’s Chachalu Museum and MNCH to develop protocols for receiving these collections.    The panel discussion provides an opportunity for the Portland area community to learn more about this process, to see ways we can support these efforts and help the process expand.

Second, the Society for American Archaeology created a task force (2016-2017) to develop guidelines for ways that professional archaeologists could and should engage with avocational archaeologists and responsible collectors.   Our panel discussion provides an opportunity for the Portland-area archaeology-heritage community to discuss ways we could support such engagement.

Finally, we are hosting the panel as part of PSU’S Public Archeology class on PSU campus, which provides a chance for students and faculty to learn more about this community project—that identifies problems and comes together to work towards solutions.


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