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American Association of Physical Anthropologists Meeting need Student Volunteers

The upcoming American Association of Physical Anthropologists’ Meeting is recruiting student volunteers from Portland State.  The meeting takes place next month April 11-14th at the Portland Hilton.  This will be a great opportunity for students to get involved.  If they volunteer for a 4-hour shift, they get free admission to the meeting, giving them an opportunity to meet people in the field and get exposed to the newest research. More info:

Students should contact Josh Snodgrass directly to coordinate (

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International Studies Graduate Teaching Assistant Needed for 2012-2013


The successful applicant will be a student taking a minimum of 9 graduate credits during the next academic year, 2012-2013.  The student must be in good standing in a PSU graduate program and have a background that draws upon a field of international expertise.  This expertise may include but is not limited to former coursework, specialization, or a major/minor in fields such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, Geography, Foreign Language and Literature, Urban Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, etc.  Experience studying abroad or residing abroad is beneficial.


The TA will attend International Studies courses INTL 201 (4 credits) and INTL 395 (1 credit) each term and read all required texts for these classes.  The TA will assist the professor of the INTL 201 and 395 courses as needed in the following ways: reading papers and/or portfolios; grading; advising on class requirements, discussions, or lectures; maintaining office hours; and keeping attendance.  The TA may be asked to lead group discussions and give in-class presentations.  The TA must be available for work an average of 12-hours per week for this .30 FTE appointment.  Duties are such that hours worked may be less than 12 per week at the beginning of a term and more than 12 per week near the end of the term.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience using D2L or other course maintenance software.


The TA will receive a tuition remission for 9 graduate credit hours per term for the 2012-2013 academic year (fall, winter and spring) and a monthly stipend of $642.

Interested applicants should send the completed application, a cover letter, resume or CV, and at least two academic references by March 14, 2012 via email (to or to the following address:

International Studies Program (INTL)
Graduate Teaching Assistantship Committee
East Hall 341
PO Box 751
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97207-0751

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Needed: Grad student for writing guide

Bullfrog Films is looking for recommendations for a talented graduate student or post-doc to write a teaching guide to accompany Micha X. Peled’s new award-winning film BITTER SEEDS ( BITTER SEEDS is the prequel to his two previous films, CHINA BLUE and STORE WARS.  BITTER SEEDS tells the story of what happens to Indian farmers who adopt genetically modified seeds (in order to grow the cotton to produce the jeans made in CHINA BLUE that are ultimately sold in Wal-Mart in STORE WARS.)
The guide is aimed at entry level classes in colleges and universities and advanced placement classes in high schools. To get an idea of the scope of the project, the prospective writer could look at the guide we put out for CHINA BLUE: (
The writer should be interested in the issues surrounding agriculture in developing countries and genetically modified seeds.  The writer will be paid, and time is of the essence.
Please contact:
Winifred Scherrer
Bullfrog Films
PO Box 149, Oley PA 19547

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Queer Student Services Available

QRC introduces Queer Student Services: In collaboration with the Portland State University Advising and Career Services and the Learning Center, the Queer Resource Center will offer academic and career advising as well as academic coaching to students accessing the Queer Resource Center via the Queer Student Services program. Services offered include:
  • Assistance with Choosing a major
  • Academic coaching from Queer and Queer affirming Portland State staff
  • Referrals to a academic resources and services
  • Resume and cover letter building
  • Navigating sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace
  • Finding LGBT friendly employers
  • Coaching and advocacy on navigating a trans identity in the physical and virtual classrooms
  • Job and internship search strategies

For more info:

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Operation Groundswell is looking for adventurous and committed students to volunteer and travel abroad with us this summer! We are a student-run non-profit that looks to take students out of the classroom and into the world for some hands-on learning. Join us on a 6 week summer program that combines cultural exchange, meaningful volunteer work and off-the-beaten path adventure! Deadline to apply for Early Summer programs is March 7th so make sure to apply today.
Deadline to apply Early Summer programs is March 7th! Check out where we go:

For dates, prices, testimonials and past projects, go to Don’t forget to check out our story!  

“Five years later and it’s still the best thing I’ve ever done.” – Kali B. (West Africa 2007)

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Global Youth Connect, a human rights education and activism
organization based in NYC, is accepting applications from young
leaders for its Summer 2012 programs, which will take place in
Bosnia, Rwanda, and in New York City.

Each program brings 15 visiting youth from around the world together
with 15 youth in the host location (Bosnia, Rwanda, or NYC) to engage
together in: a human rights workshop, key visits with policy makers
and to historic sites, and volunteer service with grassroots NGOs on
a variety of human rights issues.

Given the age range of the programming 16 – 30 (NYC) & 18 – 35
(Rwanda/Bosnia), this is an opportunity for not only students but
also for young teachers and professionals to gain intercultural human
rights experience and get involved in the global human rights
movement (including the movement for Human Rights in the USA).

Several spots are remaining on all three programs, for both host and
visiting participants. The deadline for submissions is March 15,

An earlier decision on all delegations is possible. If interested in
an earlier decision, please contact us at, although some positions will be
reserved for the final deadline.

For a full list of offerings please see below, or visit:



Location: Bosnia

Dates: June 22 – July 13, 2012

Application Deadline: March 15, 2012

Age Range: 18 – 35 (Student/Young Professional)

Program Tuition: $2500

NOTE: One Small Scholarship Available. Read application fully for

This human rights program will focus specifically on the roots of
conflict and the dynamics of justice, reconciliation, and peace
building as experienced in Bosnia more than a decade after the
signing of the peace accord. In particular, participants will gain
experience in conflict resolution and transformation as well as
deepen their understanding of the post-conflict challenges faced by
Bosnians today, especially young people from various ethnic and
religious backgrounds.

Download Bosnia Summer 2012 Program Description & Application:



Location: Rwanda

Dates: August 2 – 23, 2012

Application Deadline: March 15, 2012

Age Range: 18 – 35 (Student/Young Professional)

Program Tuition: $2300

NOTE: One Small Scholarship Available. Read application fully for

During this GYC delegation, International participants will join with
Rwandan peers in a Learning and Action Community to learn about human
rights achievements and challenges in Rwanda (and the world) and to
take concrete action steps together to support current and future
efforts for human rights protection and promotion, both in Rwanda and
abroad. Through a combination of workshops, site visits, advocacy
meetings, and volunteer service with grassroots NGOs, we will learn
and act on numerous key human rights issues in Rwanda, including but
not limited to: gender and human rights, human rights of children,
LGBTI populations, historically marginalized indigenous groups,
refugees, domestic workers, poverty reduction, public health,
juvenile justice, freedom of expression and the arts. In advance of
and during the delegation, all participants will examine the roots of
the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and see how its legacy has impacted the
country and its people, particularly Rwandan youth, and also how the
country is attempting to rebuild today.

Download Rwanda Summer 2012 Program Description & Application:



Location: NYC

Dates: June 22, 2012 – July 14, 2012

Application Deadline: March 15, 2012

Age Range: 16 – 30 (Student/Young Professional)

Program Tuition (Visiting Participants — full room and Board): $3000

Program Tuition (Local NYC Participants): $2000

NOTE: Some Scholarships are Available. Read application fully for

During this GYC program, 15 young leaders from New York City will
join with 15 activists from outside NYC (e.g. Rwanda, Bosnia, China,
the greater-USA) in a special summit to explore the human rights
situation in New York City, to contrast the situation in NYC with
that of the home areas of the visiting youth, and to take concrete
action with NGOs to support current and future efforts for human
rights protection and promotion, both in New York City and in the
home areas of the visiting youth.

Download NYC Summer 2012 Program Description & Application:

For additional info, contact GYC at

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2012 Summer Schedule here

The 2012 Anthropology Summer Class Schedule has been posted.

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Anthropology Department Winter Office Hours

Looking for the Anthropology Department Winter office hours? Look no further!

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PSU in the Society for Applied Anthropology News

PSU’s Anthropology Department recently contributed to the Society for Applied Anthropology News, published February 2012. Our entry is on pages 40-43. Check it out: SfAA News Feb 2012.


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The Mount St. Helens Institute Presents…

The Place Called Chalacha – History Beneath the Mount St. Helens Monument Headquarters and Chelatchie Prairie
With Rick McClure, Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
At Tommy O’s Downtown Bistro
801 Washington St. Vancouver, WA
Happy Hour begins at 5:00pm
Speaker starts at 6:30pm.
Space is limited, so arrive early!
The headquarters for Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument lies within Chelatchie Prairie, Clark County, Washington, a place known as Chalacha to local native people.  The Forest Service headquarters facilities were built atop a significant archaeological site, with evidence of native occupation going back more than 2,000 years.  This presentation will summarize early pre-contact use of the site, introduce the historic-period native people of Chalacha, and provide an overview of the cultural conflicts that took place here in the 19th century as non-native settlers established themselves on the prairie.  Changes in land use in the 20th century will also be discussed, and the program will conclude with an update on a collaborative project with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe to restore culturally significant plant species.
Rick McClure is the Forest Archaeologist and Heritage Program Manager for Gifford Pinchot National Forest, with an office at Mt. Adams Ranger Station, in Trout Lake, Washington.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from The Evergreen State College, a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Washington State University, and has worked professionally as an archaeologist since 1979.  Rick first climbed Mount St. Helens in 1975, and has directed archaeological excavations at several pre-contact sites around the mountain during the past 23 years. With his wife Cheryl, he is the co-author of a book on the early history of Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Please visit our website at

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