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Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces the posting of the Request for Applications, 2015 EPA Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowships for Undergraduate Environmental Study with the goal of offering undergraduate fellowships for bachelor level students in environmental fields of study. Subject to availability of funding and other applicable considerations, the Agency plans to award approximately 34 new fellowships.  Eligible students will receive support for their junior and senior years of undergraduate study and for an internship at an EPA facility during the summer of their junior year. The fellowship provides up to $20,700 per academic year of support and $8,600 of support for a three-month summer internship.

Supporting these fellowships is in line with the Sustainable and Healthy Communities (SHC) Research Program. EPA’s SHC Research Program provides useful science and tools for decision makers at all levels to help communities advance sustainability as well as achieve regulatory compliance. SHC is collaborating with partners to conduct research that will result in science-based knowledge to guide decisions that will better sustain a healthy society and environment in America’s communities.  The research is intended for decision-makers at the federal, regional, state and community levels.

Open date:  March 30, 2015  –  Close Date: May 19, 2015


Applicable Category(s): Grant/Fellowship Announcements

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Community Based Research – Call for Posters!

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The Dynamics of Identity: Characterizing Conflict in a Globalized World

On behalf of Lewis & Clark College, we proudly invite you, your faculty and students, and your community to the 53rd Annual International Affairs Symposium. This year’s symposium, The Dynamics of Identity: Characterizing Conflict in a Globalized World, examines the tensions of identity in today’s global conflicts. The symposium will explore identity within issues such as state surveillance, promoting international religious freedom, and managing ethnic conflict.

Among our lineup of speakers is General Wesley Clark, a retired four-star general and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Murtaza Hussain, a national security and civil liberties journalist at The Intercept, who will be debating each other on the potential threat of transnational foreign fighters. For more information about our other debates, speakers, and event details, please visit our webpage.

We hope that you can join us April 6th-8th for debates and discussions on today’s most pressing global issues as examined by a diverse set of viewpoints.

The symposium hosts the foremost scholars, advocates, and foreign policy figureheads who hail from around the globe to defend their positions and answer your questions. We find value in an honest and collaborative learning experience, and want to welcome all from the greater Oregon community to experience this exciting atmosphere.

In the spirit of community, we would also appreciate you spreading the word and extending this invitation to anyone you think may be interested.

We hope to see you this Spring.

Most Sincerely,

Vincent Singer ’17


Steering Committee, 53rd International Affairs Symposium

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The Pacific Northwest’s Seismic Past – Lecture in Cannon Beach

Join Sarah Sterling, Assistant Professor at Portland State University on Thursday, March 12th at 7:00 p.m. as she recounts her latest dig of a precontact coastal site in Washington State.

sterling 2

The coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest have long been menaced by the possibility of great earthquakes and tsunamis. The archaeological and geological records of the region retain evidence of ancient seismic events. Native American oral traditions of the region further confirm that such events have impacted ancient populations in the past. In this presentation, Sarah will generally discuss archaeological and geological evidence of tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest, focusing on what she learned excavating the ancient Klallam village of Tse-whit-zen, located in Washington State, on the Port Angeles harbor shoreline.

Tse-whit-zen village is situated in the midst of the Cascadia subduction zone, a tectonic feature that has been (and will be) responsible for earthquakes and tsunamis from northern California to British Columbia (and across the Pacific). She will also discuss the current state of knowledge about the relationship between the occupational and seismic chronology at Tse-whit-zen and how the historic information can be used to understand the impacts of such events throughout the region.

Sarah Sterling is an Assistant Professor in the Anthropology Department at Portland State University. Her areas of research include reconstruction of the settlement history and past environmental conditions during the 2000 plus years of occupation at Tse-whit-zen, a Lower Elwha Klallam Village on the shore of Port Angeles Harbor. She has also collaborated in geological field studies of ancient earthquakes in coastal northern Washington.

This presentation is FREE and open to the public.

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L&C Gender Studies Symposium


34th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

March 11-13, 2015


The 34th Annual Gender Studies Symposium will explore a dual theme, illuminating the many ways in which gender and sexuality shape the foundational processes of production and consumption—and vice versa.

Some key questions we hope to explore: How do gender and sexuality shape the production of goods, services, and people?  How do gender and sexuality influence the consumption of food, media, belief systems, and more?  To what extent is the market really free?  And how are our experiences with and ideologies of gender and sexuality affected by modes of production and forms of consumption?

Academics, students, community leaders, activists, artists, and visionaries will join together to examine topics ranging from the way ethical consumerism has been prioritized in contemporary feminist and LGBTQ circles; to the challenges of defining and creating empowering art and media; to the commodification of patients’ bodies and emotions in health and medicine; to the gendered economies in making, procuring, and consuming food.

Join us as we investigate the complex interaction of production, consumption, gender, and sexuality—perhaps generating more questions than answers.

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3rd Annual Student Research Symposium – accepting proposals


The 3rd Annual Student Research Symposium is now accepting proposals for poster sessions and oral presentations. The Student Research Symposium is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines and is a wonderful way for students to gain experience presenting their work.
Important information:
3rd Annual Student Research Symposium will be held on May 12, 2015 from 9am to 4:15pm on the third floor of Smith Center.
Proposals are due by April 1, 2015.
For additional information and to submit your proposal:
Please also mark your calendars and plan to drop by the poster session in the ballroom from 11:00am-1:00pm and/or attend one of the panel sessions throughout the day.

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Internship Position Available at HRAF for Anthropology Students

Internship Position at Human Relations Area Files

Starting Late Summer 2015

HRAF's home page with info link to internship position
Available Internship Position at HRAF

The Human Relations Area Files at Yale University is pleased to announce a one-year internship in memory of HRAF’s former President, Melvin Ember. The intent of the internship is to learn about cross-cultural research and methods through practical experience. Some of the main goals will be:
1) helping Carol Ember, President of HRAF, prepare modules summarizing cross-cultural research;

2) read and analyze recent cross-cultural research with the goal of summarizing materials for researchers; and

3) learn about coding ethnographic materials by participating in a cross-cultural research project.
The deadline is April 15, 2015.  For details go to the “Available Internship Position” in the lower right corner of HRAF’s home page at
Founded at Yale University, HRAF is an internationally recognized organization in the field of cultural anthropology. HRAF’s mission is to encourage and facilitate the cross-cultural study of human culture, society, and behavior in the past and present.

Feel free to pass this on to colleagues and students.

Best Regards,

Christiane Cunnar

Member Services
Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University
755 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 1-800-520-HRAF or  203-764-9401


Interested in finding out how the online eHRAF ethnographic and archaeological collections may give insights into current research issues and world events? Click below to find out…

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Volunteer positions in Tanzania, South Africa, and Jamaica

Attention Students of Anthropology!

The final application deadline is approaching quickly for our 2015 Volunteer Programs. One Heart Source offers a variety of 2, 4, and 8-week programs in South Africa and Jamaica!

Apply here for our Volunteer Programs: 2015 Application

Final Application Deadline: March 2oth
As an OHS Volunteer, you will:

Teach primary school students through a mentorship program focused on building strong Math and English foundations, while empowering students
 Lead after-school programs in non-traditional subjects like dance, debate, art, and sports
* Integrate yourself into and work closely with members of the local community to create positive social uplift
* Exchange ideas and culture with people from around the world
Work with a small, dynamic team of international university and graduate students
* Develop empathy, confidence, and leadership skills while pursuing social justice
We at One Heart Source believe in creating lasting social change through education and human connection. We encourage you to take a step towards providing a more socially just future for some of the most marginalized communities in the world.

We will be hosting live online information sessions on March 8, 11, 15, and 18!
Join us by Registering Here!

For more information visit:
Please contact with any questions!


One Heart Source is a non-profit organization designed to empower young people through education and to provide high quality education and care for vulnerable children in Tanzania, South Africa, and Jamaica.

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Madagascar Past and Present: Biodiversity, Extinction & Conservation

A study abroad program will be offered in Madagascar, to run June 12July 12, 2015, entitled “Madagascar Past and Present: Biodiversity, Extinction & Conservation”, offered by NIU, SADABE and the University of Antananarivo. The program will be based in Antananarivo and Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar.

  Topics include (1) goals and methods of studying primates in the wild, (2) Madagascar’s evolutionary history and recent extinctions, including lab work at the University of Antananarivo and (3) current conservation threats. The course is largely experiential, with an independent project (on either extant fauna or recently extinct lemurs) dominating the students’ time in the field. Whereas our main focus is primates (specifically lemurs, extinct and extant), students interested in studying other elements of the ecosystem are welcome.

Madagascar Study Abroad 2015

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Thesis defense: Shoshana Rosenberg

Rosenberg Defense Announcement March 2015

The public portion of Shoshana Rosenberg’s Master’s Thesis defense will be held on Friday March 13 at 1:30 in Cramer Hall 41.

Her thesis is entitled, “Study of Prestige and Resource Control Using Fish Remains from Cathlapotle, a Plankhouse Village on the Lower Columbia River.”

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