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Please come to a panel discussion–Heritage-Archaeo, Wed April 26, 2-3:50, PSU campus

You’re invited to join us next Wed, April 26, 2-3:50 Cramer 328, for a panel discussion that I’ve organized as part of the spring quarter Public Archaeology class.   This will be of interest to any students interested in heritage and archaeology and the value of community process in addressing common problems.   We’d love to have you join us if you can make room in your schedule.    Virginia B.

Finding Common Ground For Archaeology & Heritage:  Developing Collaborations among tribes, avocational archaeologists, and professional archaeologists around “collector” collections

The PSU Dept. of Anthropology /Public Archaeology class is hosting a panel on April 26, 2-3:50, Cramer 328 to discuss ways artifacts collected by amateurs can be documented and curated to reduce potential for their commercial sales and promote their value for heritage and research.



David Harrelson, Briece Edwards, Veronica Montano (Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde)

Dan Stueber, David Minick, Dennis Torresdal (Oregon Archaeological Society [OAS])

Pat O’Grady (Museum of Natural and Cultural History [MNCH];   and OAS)

John Pouley (State Historic Preservation Office, Oregon)

Virginia Butler (Portland State University)

The impetus for this panel is several-fold.   The OAS has developed a process for documenting and curating collections made by former members of OAS and their descendants.  They are beginning conversations with the Grand Ronde’s Chachalu Museum and MNCH to develop protocols for receiving these collections.    The panel discussion provides an opportunity for the Portland area community to learn more about this process, to see ways we can support these efforts and help the process expand.

Second, the Society for American Archaeology created a task force (2016-2017) to develop guidelines for ways that professional archaeologists could and should engage with avocational archaeologists and responsible collectors.   Our panel discussion provides an opportunity for the Portland-area archaeology-heritage community to discuss ways we could support such engagement.

Finally, we are hosting the panel as part of PSU’S Public Archeology class on PSU campus, which provides a chance for students and faculty to learn more about this community project—that identifies problems and comes together to work towards solutions.

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AAA 2017 Undergraduate Poster Session ~ Invitation

First Rites: Innovative Undergraduate Research in Anthropology

Abstract: Undergraduate students are an increasingly important element in the production of anthropological knowledge. In its best form, undergraduate research can be seen as an apprenticeship, wherein the novitiate is granted a partnership and some degree of agency in pushing the boundaries of and crossing into new frontiers of shared knowledge. Collaboration with undergraduate students in research is one of the important ways we can facilitate innovation within our discipline. Their research breaks down classroom/research boundaries, focuses on the importance of experiential learning, and exploits the naiveté and vigor of students not yet indoctrinated into paradigmatic complacency. Undergraduate students can be agents and partners in reshaping the landscape of anthropology. The importance of undergraduate research and scholarly activity is underscored both in financial support by federal-level agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Institutes of Health, and the growing number of faculty-student collaborations in anthropology departments across the globe. Through their engagement, undergraduate students challenge current boundaries and present their findings in the inter-disciplinary medium of visual posters to enrich anthropological inquiry into the human experience.


Students are especially encouraged to present on topics that link to this year’s theme of “Anthropology Matters!” for describing the past, exploring the present, predicting the future, and navigating the processes of being and becoming human.

This session is generously sponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology. Students are encouraged to highlight both their work and their visual acumen via research posters of their projects. The SVA will evaluate all entries in this session and recognize exemplary posters – that is, those that maximize the possibilities of the format – with a prize.

Interested students must

(1) Become a student member of the AAA, if they are not already.

(2) Register for the conference

(3) Contact me at with an expression of interest. I will add the student to our participant roster and the online registration system will send her/him/them a link for uploading their abstract, etc.

The deadline for submission is Friday, April 14 at 5 pm. Please have your students contact me well in advance of the deadline so they have time to complete all necessary steps before closing.

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The Anthropology Department is in the process of hiring a new Assistant Professor with expertise in applied socio-cultural anthropology.
Our Search Committee has selected three finalists for on-campus interviews. Candidates will be on campus in the second and third weeks of the term. Please come meet them!
Each candidate will give a job talk to which all students and faculty are invited. In addition, students will have the chance to meet the candidate at pizza lunches. See the list below for the times and locations of the talks and lunches:
Hacking Ties: Transnationality, Morality and Politics of Computing Expertise
Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo
Thurs, Jan 19th, 4 PM, CH S-17
Students are welcome to meet Dr. Murillo for a pizza lunch at noon on Friday, January 20th in the Anthropology Department lounge (CH 141).
The New Cuban Counterpoint: Money and Power in Post-Soviet Cuba
Mrinalini Tankha
Mon, Jan 23rd, 4 PM, SMSU 327
Students are welcome to meet Dr. Tankha for a pizza lunch at noon on Tuesday, January 24th in the Anthropology Department lounge (CH 141).
“We Are Living Memory!”: Impunity and Maya Survivors’ Struggle for Justice in the Case of the Acteal Massacre
Claudia Chávez
Thurs, Jan 26th, 4 PM, CH S-17
Students are welcome to meet Dr. Chávez for a pizza lunch at noon on Friday, January 27th in the Anthropology Department lounge (CH 141).

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Stand Together


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4th Annual History and Culture Summit

We are excited to invite you to our Annual History and Culture Summit at the Tribal Gymnasium. We will be having some exciting speaker’s on the topics of archaeology, culture, history,  and environment.

Attached is our Flyer and Registration form for our Annual History and Culture Summit. If you would like to register, please fill out the form, and return it to me.

Information on this event is located at:


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NWAC abstract deadline extended

The NWAC abstract deadline has been extended by five more days in order to encourage more students to submit poster and paper abstracts. The new deadline is February 20th, 2015. Submissions and registration may be done through our website:

This year’s NWAC dates are either shared by or near to the dates of other large anthropological conferences, so please encourage your colleagues and students to present and/or attend NWAC. We have attached our original outreach notice with the updated deadline for you to circulate as necessary.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope to see you there!

2015 NWAC Organizing Committee


NWAC email outreach

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Association of Oregon Archaeologists – grants and travel awards

Hello AOA Members!

We hope all of you are having a great 2015 so far.  We wanted to let
you know that we will be having an AOA Spring meeting at this year’s
NWAC in Eugene.  Details of when and what room will be announced once
the conference hosts finalize their program. If you have any items
you’d like us to include on the agenda for the meeting, please let me

We also have the 2015 AOA Research Grant ready for applications!
Please refer to the attached application for details.  The deadline
for grant applications is March 15th.

I also wanted to share with your our flyer for the 2015 AOA Student
Travel Award.  As discussed in previous meetings, the committee for
the award has changed a few details in hopes to attract more
applicants.  Please review the flyer and note the changes to the
application and qualifications.  The deadline for applications is
March 15th.

Also attached is 2014’s CAHO!  Included in the issue is a message from
the president, current research, minutes from AOA meetings, and a
reminder to renew your membership.

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2015, you can do so
through our website (which got a makeover), through the mail, or at
our table at the NWAC.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions.
Jessica Ainslie
AOA Secretary

Application forms available on the website:


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NWAC – ASA Informational Meeting Friday Jan 9th 2 PM CH 141

NWAC ASA info meeting

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Northwest Anthropological Conference… March 25-28, 2015 NWAC 2015 First Call for Papers

NWAC 1st call for papers

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Native American Heritage Month – November events


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