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Public Archaeology Class Gallery


Vanport's Flood
Each year, students in the Public Archaeology course (ANTH 460) review ways archaeology contributes to the modern world as a science and a humanity through addressing issues such as community heritage, social justice, and conservation biology.  Their assignment is to develop a project that shares the benefits of archaeology with the public. These projects are often part of the annual Archaeology Roadshow.

Just weeks before the start of the Spring 2020 term, the PSU campus closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we were thrust into a virtual world. The impact has affected every aspect of our lives. Everyone involved in ANTH 460 has had to rethink how to share projects without the benefit of the Archaeology Roadshow’s three events, which are host to thousands of visitors each year. Students were challenged with creating a project that is fully online, yet engages the public. They chose to create a blog describing the projects in their words.

“I invite you to read their blogs and consider the connections they’ve forged – between the past, the present and the future.  Think about and respond to their questions and ask your own.” 
-Virginia Butler, Professor and Dept Chair

Spring 2020 Public Archaeology Class Gallery Blog



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