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Shaka McGlotten: Free Performance Lecture on Voguing


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AAA 2017 Undergraduate Poster Session ~ Invitation

First Rites: Innovative Undergraduate Research in Anthropology

Abstract: Undergraduate students are an increasingly important element in the production of anthropological knowledge. In its best form, undergraduate research can be seen as an apprenticeship, wherein the novitiate is granted a partnership and some degree of agency in pushing the boundaries of and crossing into new frontiers of shared knowledge. Collaboration with undergraduate students in research is one of the important ways we can facilitate innovation within our discipline. Their research breaks down classroom/research boundaries, focuses on the importance of experiential learning, and exploits the naiveté and vigor of students not yet indoctrinated into paradigmatic complacency. Undergraduate students can be agents and partners in reshaping the landscape of anthropology. The importance of undergraduate research and scholarly activity is underscored both in financial support by federal-level agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Institutes of Health, and the growing number of faculty-student collaborations in anthropology departments across the globe. Through their engagement, undergraduate students challenge current boundaries and present their findings in the inter-disciplinary medium of visual posters to enrich anthropological inquiry into the human experience.


Students are especially encouraged to present on topics that link to this year’s theme of “Anthropology Matters!” for describing the past, exploring the present, predicting the future, and navigating the processes of being and becoming human.

This session is generously sponsored by the Society for Visual Anthropology. Students are encouraged to highlight both their work and their visual acumen via research posters of their projects. The SVA will evaluate all entries in this session and recognize exemplary posters – that is, those that maximize the possibilities of the format – with a prize.

Interested students must

(1) Become a student member of the AAA, if they are not already.

(2) Register for the conference

(3) Contact me at with an expression of interest. I will add the student to our participant roster and the online registration system will send her/him/them a link for uploading their abstract, etc.

The deadline for submission is Friday, April 14 at 5 pm. Please have your students contact me well in advance of the deadline so they have time to complete all necessary steps before closing.

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University of Wyoming Advanced Archaeological Field School


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AnthroProjects: Anthropology of Food & Media

The Off the Beaten Track summer field school for anthropology and ethnography is now the longest standing anthropology field school in the world. With over 20 editions in 12 years, we have gathered a cohort of anthropology professionals and enthusiasts working on a variety of projects and sharing their experience in this summer project.The number of slots during our three sessions is limited, but at this point there is still room for some more participants.foodprojectfoodproject2

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Archaeology Field Methods in Alaska-First Americans


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Colorado Field School

It’s almost field school season! Adams State University is accepting applicants for our current field school program, excavating Fort Massachusetts in southern Colorado. This program is designed to be as enriching as it is affordable, for both undergraduate as well as graduate students.

colorado field schooll2

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Announcing New Faculty Hire – Dr. Mrinalini Tankha

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Anthropology Department has hired Dr. Mrinalini Tankha for our open position in applied socio-cultural anthropology.

Dr. Tankha specializes in economic and business anthropology, with interests in money, globalization, international development, urban social networks, technology, digital finance, and human-centered design. She does her research in Cuba, with a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Tankha received her Ph.D. from Brandeis University in 2013, and she is currently serving as a post-doc at The Institute for MoneyTechnology & Financial Inclusion (IMTFI) at the University of California – Irvine.

Dr. Tankha will teach an online course, Anth 399: Anthropology of Development, during the first 4 weeks of Summer Term. We look forward to seeing her here in Portland on campus during the Fall Quarter.

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Maya archaeology field school in Belize


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Archaeology First Thursdays at PSU, March 2

Please join us for the upcoming Archaeology First Thursday presentation at PSU, March 2, 4 pm, in Smith Center, Room 328/9.

A group of us from PSU (Virginia Butler, Sarah Sterling, Laura Syvertson, and Pat Rennaker)  will present:

“Results from Ciwicen, a 2800 yr old Lower Elwha Klallam coastal village, Washington State” 

The talk will summarize  results from a multi-year project that studied the geo-zooarchaeological records from Čḯxwicənvillage, coastal Washington state.  The project focused on remains from several houses excavated and associated midden with fine geo-stratigraphic control; over one million faunal remains (from shellfish, mammal, bird and fish) allow for detailed reconstruction of animal use. Researchers studied the dynamic interactions between humans and animals– focusing especially on their response to several large-magnitude earthquakes, periods of climate change, and an increasein sheltered habitat.

As usual the presentation is free and open to the public.

Hope you can join us!


We also have three other First Thursday talks set for Spring Quarter, so mark your calendars for these too.

April 13.  (note 2nd Thursday of the Month).  Todd Surovell (Univ. of Wyoming).  Using the Present to Figure out the Past: An Ethno-Archaeological Study of Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders    (Location TBA). Surrovell is visiting PSU through funding and support from Sigma Xi. He will also be presenting on Wednesday, April 12, What happened to the mammoths? Exploring the cause of North America’s most recent mass extinction

May 4.  Terry Ozbun, Jo Reese, John Fagan, David Harrelson.   Award-Winning Collaboration in Cultural Resource Management for the Lake Oswego – Tigard Water Partnership Project   (Location TBA)

June 1. Martin Adams (Paleoinsect). Of Lice and Men:  An Overview of Recent Archaeoentomological Projects in the Pacific Northwest  (Location TBA)

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