Write for the Student Corner

The February issue of the SfAA Newsletter is quickly approaching. For this issue, we are assembling a suite of micro-essays on exclusion and inclusion in the city. Micro-essays are meant to be short, snappy, thought-provoking pieces about theory, methods, and politics. Send comments, questions, and submissions to radonic@email.arizona.edu by Jan 25.

Highlighting “The Anthropology of Urban Exclusion and Innovative Forms of Inclusion”
Urban space and citizenship are constantly being produced, delimited, and contested through a dizzying array of processes, including informal settlers’ struggles for municipal infrastructure, movements for public green space, the growth of political graffiti, the proliferation of gated communities, and the work of city planners. With over fifty percent of the world’s population now living in cities, an anthropology that analyzes urban exclusion and innovative forms of inclusion has never been more important. For the upcoming issue of the SfAA newsletter, the student committee is looking for micro-essays that explore the relationship between the production of space, citizenship, and exclusion/inclusion in urban areas. We encourage students at all levels – undergraduate to post-graduate – to submit short essays (800-1200 words). Submissions will be reviewed by the student committee and 2-5 will be selected for print in the February SfAA newsletter and/or published online.


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