Tonight! Dept. of World Languages & Literature Friday Night Lecture Series

Stina Fagertun & Øistein Hanssen
Time is a Ship that Never Casts Anchor: Sámi Storytelling
Hear a Sámi storyteller, lecturer and performer discuss their experiences
connecting with their Sami heritage through art, music, and community.
Stina Fagertun comes from the fjords of Arctic Norway and represents coastal
Sámi and Kven (Finnish descendant) ancestry. She collects ancient stories,
fairytales & legends of the Sámi and Kven tradition to share in her storytelling
and singing. She has performed throughout Norway, Canada and the United
States, ensuring that this aspect of Arctic culture will not be lost and forgotten.
Øistein Hanssen has researched old folk musical instruments, tracing their
roots back to prehistoric music traditions. His music and narratives are rooted in
his Northern Norwegian heritage: Sámi, Norse, and Finnish descent. He will
discuss Sámi Shamanic drums (Noaidetromme) which were used by the Sámi
Shamans (Noadi) to communicate with the ancient Sphere of the Sámi gods.
The Noaidetromme may hold clues to ancient religion as well as ancient
nomadic migration. Øistein has lectured and performed throughout
Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, Japan and the United States. He performs in
concerts and gives cultural and educational presentations for scholars,
universities and the public. He composes music, particularly film scores. He
works at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø

Cramer Hall Room 171 @ 7:30pm. This event is free and open to the public. 


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